Below are some writing and design samples from Kevin’s portfolio.

Stories written for Zymergen

Stories written for SynBioBeta

Earlier writing and design samples:

    1. Synberc – Ten years at the genesis of synthetic biology
      A coffee table-style book commemorating the completion of our NSF project
    2. Synberc video series
      I produced a series of videos telling the Synberc story to funders, companies, policymakers, the public, and the research community.
    3. “The best mistake I ever made”
      A personal blog I wrote reflecting on my ten-year experience at Synberc.
    4. EBRC press release draft
      A draft press release announcing EBRC, a new non-profit research organization I helped establish (not released).
    5. EBRC industry brochure
      Designed and drafted with significant input from industry and academic partners. This was an important tool in establishing our vision, goals, and design elements.
    6. Medical article writing samples
      Two examples (Age Spots and Leukemia) showing writing approaches to two very different conditions.
    7. Synberc annual report excerpt
      A more technical writing sample written in close collaboration with subject matter experts.